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Annette Brown found her way to the Meher Schools three years ago when she decided to bring her love of teaching out of the dance studio and into the Kindergarten classroom. At the time, she was also piloting a course at the Athenian School called "Doing Good,"  which brought elements of volunteerism and mindfulness into an 11th grade community service classroom.

Annette's experience in mindfulness began in a mountaintop monastery in Thailand in 2007. There she spent a month in silence and meditation while studying the Dharma. In the summer of 2009 she merged her adoration of Buddhist practices and traditions with her love of writing while volunteering as the Tibetan Government in Exile's copy editor in Dharamsala, India. There she helped equip Tibetan journalists with reporting and editing techniques while independently studying Tibetan Buddhism and traditional music.

For several years following her experiences abroad, Annette was a project manager for a nonprofit organization dedicated to elevating the work of heroes around the globe working on behalf of the world's most vulnerable population - children. It was through this work that she became committed to finding ways to enrich the lives of children within her own community through an art form she had dedicated much of her life to - tap dancing.

Fast-forward to now and Annette and her partner, Dave, have two beautiful boys, Sam (7) and Jack (4). They spend their summers in the mountains where Dave is the director of a children's summer camp. There Annette explores nature with her boys and reconnects with all that she discovered atop that mountain in Thailand. Annette still tap dances, only she now brings it into the Meher School classroom instead of the dance studio. She and her family were fortunate enough to find the Meher Schools when they moved into the neighborhood a few years ago. At that point, they knew they had found their forever community. 

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