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Cool Kids

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Cool Kids Making a Difference

Children are so inspired by other children especially if they are their age and doing big things. Meet a few amazing children to inspire your at home learning.

Meet "Little Miss Flint", a youth activist from Flint, Michigan. Her real name is Amariyanna Copeny, but she goes by Mari. When she was 8 she wrote a letter to President Obama inviting him to meet with her in Flint Michigan to discuss the city's water crisis. He took her up on her invitation and went to Flint! After that visit President Obama declared it a state of emergency. Mari continues to raise awareness in Flint about the water crisis.

Bellen Woodard is a 9 year old owner and creator or her own brand of More than Peach multicultural crayons--(and one of my Instagram friends!). She also happens to be President of Bellen's More Than a Peach Project! She's recently been on the Today Show and on the cover of several magazines, one being Scholastic News. She's an all around amazing, dynamo kid!

Kelvin Doe is a famous inventor and engineer from Sierra Leone, Africa. When he was just 11 years old he began looking for ways to fix local problems with technology. By age 13, he was powering his neighborhood with a system of batteries he made out of acid, metal and soda cans!

Malala is one of my heroes and someone that I've dressed up as for our annual history through people party for several years in a row. If you've never had the privilege to learn about her life, it's more than worth Googling it to learn her story. She definitely qualifies as a cool kid. She has been an advocate and leader in Pakistan's fight for girls to have rights and privileges to go to school. She was shot in the head by a group Taliban and she survived. She even refused to back down and vowed to fight for girls to go to school. My favorite Malala quote, "One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world."

Madison Webb on the left and Christian Flournoy on the right, made history in 2020 as the first Black girl and the youngest Black boy to win the Harvard Diversity Project's International Debate Competition. They won with an impressive perfect 5-0 winning ballot. The team has won 3 years in a row and they only entered 3 years ago!

If you want to learn more about the Havrvard Diversity Project, check out the link below.

To read about 40 more incredible kids who have changed the world, read on!

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