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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Here are some easy exercises, verses and yoga poses to insert between Zoom calls or after home-school lessons.

Tree Pose

Star Pose

Mountain Pose

Surfer Pose


Rocking Game Called, Stop the Rock

This simple rocking game is similar to freeze dance. Turn on some music and jump into a simple Star Pose and start rocking back and forth. When the music stops you freeze! It's a great way to measure social distancing with friends while having fun!


Could you balance on one foot? Or did you fall? Either way, it's all for fun!


All Good Things

Here's another way to get in a little movement during your school day, even at home. Lead the children in a little verse called, All Good Things.

Reach to the sky and twinkle your fingers while saying: All good things...

rain down ...

on me...

All good things grow up..

through me...

All good things...

surround me!


Tap it in and Wash it Away






Students think of something they would like to let go of and imagine it getting washed away.

Students stand with their arms hanging.

Students think of something they would like to lfet go of and imagine it getting washed away.

Students begin to twist from their hips so their arms swing out and wrap around them, first one way, and then another.

Repeat until they feel clean and clear.

Students think of something they want more of (maybe...tolerance, patience, generosity).

Imagine tapping it in.

Students start at the top of the head and tap down their fronts to their toes; then to their heads. Students tap across both shoulders and down and up their arms.


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