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Nature Math

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Support your study of math in the garden!

Nature Math!

My genius Waldorf trained teaching partner, Ms. Monika, often refers to the perfection of nature and how it ties into math.

If you're studying fractions, take a minute to study the flowers and seeds of plants and weeds that grow in your area. Are they part of the four division? five division? or six division plants? She says the cabbage family is divided into fourths, many roses are in groups of 5 and bulbs are in groups of 6. Pretty cool, right?

I'm definitely not an expert and just learning, but I love the idea of turning to nature to find perfect math. Seems like a mindful activity to me!

See the five division?

How many leaves can you count?

How many petals did you count?

I counted 20. So this one is considered a 5 division.

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