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Jobs for Kids

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Keeping That Home Tidy and Sparkling Clean

When we were told it was time to shelter in place, we definitely went through a period of sleeping-in, hunkering down and trying to stay safe. We let hours of screen time fly by as we tried to find our barrings and grasp what flattening the curve really meant.

One way that we managed to crawl out of the slog of our new reality, was to assign our child some household tasks. Each morning I'd write down a list of jobs for him to do, like, really good jobs. Things that we don't normally get to like:

1) washing the windows

2) cleaning the car AND vacuuming

3) straightening, reorganizing and vacuuming his room

4) doing the laundry, folding, and putting it away

5) sweeping the patio front and back

6) watering outdoor plants inside and out

7) swiffering the floors

8) vacuuming the rugs

So far this has been a surprisingly satisfying way to break up the day, to feel productive, and to help lift the atmosphere of our home!

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