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Meher Means Compassion

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Meher means compassion. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. What does it mean to practice compassion? This principle comes up a lot when working with parents in the classroom and online. As soon as I switch from my headspace to my heart's-space, their energy seems to transform, maybe into the pool of love you're creating?

Today, I was working my weekend job as a server in a local cafe, when two customers became flustered because they had ordered large cappuccinos and not small. When I checked with the barista, he said they had actually ordered smalls, and there it was on the ticket. When I returned to the customers to explain the situation, they were frustrated. The woman's energy became pointed, and she sat up even taller in her chair, and explained she was trying to say "large" when she ordered, but she wasn't understood by the person behind the register. I could clearly see the confusion on both sides. I took a deep breath and made a conscious choice to unplug from her stress and the barista's stress and choose compassion. I said, "I know, it's so hard to hear anyone while we're wearing these masks." I had to say it twice, but it was remarkable. It was as if the woman changed channels. She sat back in her chair, paused and said something like, "I know. It's really hard!" Then the conversation turned to masks and we were suddenly looking up KN95s on Amazon and laughing about online learning. They ended up getting their large cappuccinos and we laughed together at the mix up. I couldn't help but smile to myself at the complete turn around. So might the lesson be, a little compassion can go a long way? Just a little Meher Magic!

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