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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Children Love Predictability and Routine

The idea of ringing a bell in the classroom to manage a group of people became ineffective and unhappy-making last year. I happened to read a chapter in a collection of teaching stories called, Mindfulness and Yoga by Ruby Vayas. She talked about the beauty of using a Tibetan Singing Bowl during transitions in her classroom. She turned a noisy warning bell into a chime that's vibrations created healing through theta waves. This is what creates a deep meditative space.

I tried it out this summer. It's so interesting! As soon as I rang the bell the whole room would suspend. They looked like deer caught in the headlights. It's funny and truly mesmerizing. The goal was to listen for as long the bowl sings. The kids would listen and whisper, "I can still hear it." So sweet!

In a distance learning household, it might be fun to incorporate ringing a Tibetan Singing Bowl to signal transitions. Or, even more fun, the children could get the privilege of ringing the bell when their task is done.

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