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Distance Learning Desks

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Ride On!

While sheltering in place int he spring and teaching online, I actually felt my body screaming at me to get up and move, but I couldn't! I had Zoom calls scheduled and more Zoom calls to boot!

So, because we teachers tapped into our extreme creativity, I had an idea! What if I could keep my Zoom calls for: teaching, tutoring. parent conferences and staff meetings, but also simultaneously and secretly be riding a bike?! It was genius!

I quickly Googled "bike-desk" and guess what? It's totally a thing! I happened to find one I really liked on Amazon called, Flexispot, and while $299 is nothing to sneeze at, I figured it was an investment in my emotional and physical health and dang it, I was worth it!

Now that I've used it for about 6 weeks, I can say I'm still really happy with it!

The only complaint I have is, if you like to spread out your teaching manuals, well there's really not a lot of space. I usually set a stool next to me to hold extra books that I need to use.

Overall, there is nothing better than pedaling through a Zoom meeting where topics heat up. It's an excellent way to manage stress and work and play at the same time!

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